About Elda And Her Vision™

Hello All. My name is Elda Kalaj and I have been an artist in the microblading industry for 6 years. In a world driven by mass production, an abundant number of plastic waste, especially in the PMU industry, ends up in our landfills. On a recent retreat to Albania, my awareness to sustainable living increased as I was given insight on how to save the planet one step at a time. I immediately became inspired to make change in our workplace. I decided to reach out to Nova, introducing the idea of a more sustainable, eco-friendly tool. After months of hard work and dedication, I am super excited to announce my partnership with Nova, bringing you Toka. We decided on the name Toka to represent our all natural, biodegradable tools because Toka means Earth in Albanian. You incorporate sustainability at home, so let’s do it at work too! Together we can protect our home and stand up for what we stand on. 




As we say, change persists only if small efforts are gathered together. We lead with the vision of leaving no harm. Your mystic beauty shouldn’t be at the hands of plastic based and non biodegradable beauty products. 

Our drive to build an excellent PMU industry is reflected in our research and development of a variety of nature based products. Our products are an art of work done by renowned PMU artists.Toka Tools uses bamboo to give you the best of nature friendly products. We redefine the beauty of authentic organic microblading tools. 

Nature is where we all come from and no wonder why Toka Tools believes in the exuberant power of mother nature.

Our Goal